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The Valle di Non is located in the northeastern part of the Trentino region and is crossed by the Noce River. This extensive area of Trentino has a particular morphological shape: it shows in fact a succession of three plateaus, separated by deep canyons and gorges, on the bottom of which flow the rivers.

The deepest of this canyons is filled up, near Cles, by the lake of Santa Giustina, an artificial basin formed by the same-named dam; on this lake it is possible to practice kayaking, rafting and wind-surfing.

The Valle di Non is well known for the top quality of its main agricultural produce, apples. 
The fields cultivated with apple orchards are also the main feature of this landscape, which becomes a real spectacle when in full blossom.
To give an alpine “touch” to this panorama, beautiful mountain ranges, as the Catena delle Maddalene, the Brenta range, the Roen and the Peller mountains encircle the valley.
From the Valle di Non branches out the Valle di Tovel going deep into the Brenta Dolomites range belonging thus to the Adamello-Brenta Nature Reserve. In the Valle di Tovel you can visit the same-named lake, one of the most beautiful of Trentino for its lovely position.
Numerous are the visible signs of the valley’s history: castles, palaces, mansions, houses with frescoes and sacred buildings, among which the outstanding San Romedio, antique sanctuary and frequented place of worship.