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Revň can be easily reached both from the south and from the north by means of the SS 43 arterial road (follow road signs Valle di Non – Passo Mendola), SS 42 (Tonale – Mendola).

The nearest national railway station is the one of Trento (on the Munich-Rome and Valsugana Trento-Venice lines); Trento-Malč railway.
The nearest airports are: the Catullo air station of Verona, Marco Polo of Venice, Milan Linate and the new airport of Bolzano.


Revň, at an altitude of 724 m above sea level, is a cultural centre of the “Terza Sponda”, illustrious for its past, and at present for its discreet allure of a rural village, whose new district is practically linked with Romallo. The importance of past times of this village is owing to its roads. To remember, besides the Roman road, the so-called “dei Regai”, which coming from Dermulo crosses the Novella basin, submerged by the hydroelectric basin of Santa Giustina.
Facing the south, it is a veritable balcony on the Santa Giustina lake and on the Valle di Non. At present it is both a fruit-growing and a commercial centre. The village has a Roman origin, as proved by the inscriptions and other archaeological items. The town-planning layout of Revň remained intact, notwithstanding the evolution of modern house building, keeping the traditional character. The higher part of the village is called “Colomel” and has agglomerated houses where hallways pass through, the lower part “Frona”; the middle part is named “Piazza”, where there are the lovely mansions of the sixteenth/seventeenth-century built according to the particular style called “d’Oltradige Atesino”.